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Available in TMR & Outremont

June 21 - August 26

A customizable program designed to get your kids active and leisuring in the comfort & safety of your backyard! 

The program is not designed to simply keep idle hands busy but to teach your kids important life skills & lessons through play. 

Create your own bubble, by teaming up your kids with their cousins, neighbors or friends alongside our awesome bilingual animators.

Skills & Lessons

For each group, our weekly activities are centered on: 

  • Developing self-esteem 

  • Learning problem-solving

  • Building confidence 

  • Exploring new interests 

  • Being more empathetic & kind

  • Caring for mind, body and soul


The activities we will offer you will depend on the interests of your kids 

  • Interactive games

  • Fitness classes

  • Arts & Crafts 

  • Obstacle courses

  • Tie Dye

  • Dance 

  • Sports 

  • STEM

  • & more

IMG_1849 2.jpeg

Weekly Themes

We've got many themes you can choose from 

  • Adventure 

  • Wellness 

  • Sports 

  • Animal 

  • Safari  

  • SuperHero 

  • Disney 

  • Unicorn 

  • Under The Sea 

  • Color 

  • Nature 

  • Hawaiian

  • Beach 

  • Space 

  • Olympics 

  • Rainbow 

  • Science 

  • Around The World


Subject to change depending on governmental restrictions

  • Monday, June 28 to Wednesday, June 30 

  • Monday, July 5 to Friday, July 9  (1 spot left)

  • Monday, July 12 to Friday, July 16 (Sold out- Waitlist available)

  • Monday, July 19 to Friday, July 23 (Sold out)

  • Monday, July 26 to Friday, July 30 (1 spot left)

  • Monday, August 2 to Friday, August 6 (2 spots left)

  • Monday, August 9 to Friday, August 13 (1 spot left)

  • Monday, August 16 to Friday, August 20

  • Monday, August 22 to Friday, August 26

Base Price

Includes all themes & activities mentioned above

Requirement: minimum 3 days per week & 4 kids per group

4 hours: $45 per child (+tax)

5 hours: $55 per child (+tax)

6 hours: $65 per child (+tax)

10% offered to every sibling 

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Special activities/classes to add to your week

Ballet With Miss Elaine

Dance Fitness With Maya


Yoga Class

Sport Coaching

Prices vary per group and per activity


Since this is a customized program, registration will take place via a zoom call.

This will give us a chance to discuss your group’s interest and needs. It is preferable to have all parents involved in the call but if it is not possible, 1 parent can represent the group. 


Covid-19 Measures

Summer 2021 measures will be available shortly

Our priority is the safety of your kids. We respect the Government and CNESST guidelines related to COVID-19.


Lina S.

My daughter did Backyard Fun last summer for 5 weeks with 4 of her little friends from the neighbourhood and she loved loved, loved it! Maya was always available when we had a question or feedback and always tried to find a way to accommodate the parents and the kids! The staff was super friendly and capable and the activities were super well rounded. I couldn’t be happier!  

Cynthia C.

Our COVID summer was saved by dose of Happy. My daughter and her friends had so much fun daily with well thought out age appropriate activities all hosted by responsible , fun and engaging monitors.

Josie L.

My son has LOVED coming to camp and your camp has been a blessing for him this summer. He especially LOVES Cyril and Joelle. They are fantastic animators that have a natural ability with children. Cyril did an excellent job at reassuring my son and making him feel welcomed and appreciated everyday. Thank you! 

Lauren A.

​Dose of Happy gave my kids the opportunity to have a fun and safe summer camp experience. The monitors were really well-suited to my kids’ personalities and their ages. Thank you!!


Check out our FAQS & don't hesistate to reach out for more info

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